Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do Prizes Work?

The League shall award four plaques to the winning team in each section and trophies to the individuals with the highest score in each section.

  • How do I organize a team?
  • Get together a team of at least 4 individuals.  Remember, 2 alternates are highly recommended.  Look over the match shcedule and make sure you have solid commitment from your team members.  You can create a team of your friends and submit a single application.
  • I don’t have a team.  Can you help me find one?
  • If you do not have 4 other people to form a team, contact the League Commissioner at “” with your name, cell phone number, person who is interested in joining or forming a team.
  • How do I register?
  • Simply go to the registration link and follow the instructions.  Remember you register as a team.  Within the registration process, you will be asked to enter in the names of the team members.
  • Where do the matches take place?
  • How do I create a account and play?
    • See this helpful resource
    • Simply go to the website and follow the instructions.  It is free.  You will have to create a username and password.  This username is the name you will use to play the game against your opponent on-line.
  • What is the cost to me?
    • The cost is $40 per team, not per individual.  That’s a pretty good deal.
  • I am an unrated player and want to play.  What should I do?
  • Although games results from the chess league are not USCF rated, we use the USCF rating system to rank players on a given team from 1 through 4.  Unrated players are at the bottom of the ranking tier. 

If the player is not a current USCF member, he/she can still play.  Simply provide either their rating as last recorded by USCF or their rating.  The commissioner will have final say on how this person will be rated to assign board order.

  • Are chess league games rated?

No, games will not be rated by the USCF.  If you have a rating, it will not be affected by your game results.  Rating are used to rank team members in order of strength on a given team and that’s it.

  • Is there a Team Captain?

Yes, each team MUST HAVE a Team Captain.  The Captain enforces the rules set by the League and makes sure players are not cheating and adhere to rules explained in the rules section.

  • Can the Team Captain also Play as a team member?

Yes, the team captain can also serve a team player ranked in order of rating, but we recommend that the Team Captain not play and rather utilize their time to make sure all players are following the rules.

  • Can a team enter the tournament in Round 2?

Yes, they can.  The team will be given a ½ point bye or 2 points out of 4 for doing so in Round 1.  The 2nd round starts October 18th.