Year                 Winning Team Name
2015                Legalize Caruana
2014                NSA is Perpetually Checking
2013                Rg3 Offensive Rook of the Year
2012                Team Romney  We Play Both Sides of the Board
2011                Chilean Defense: No Minor Pieces Trapped
2010                None Reported – Top team name was deemed inappropriate for Chess Life.
2009                I Can See Russians from My Board
2008                No Longer Searching for Bobby Fischer
2007                e2 Brute?
2006                Dick Cheney Attack: Bird’s Variation
2005                King  of Pop perpetually Touches Minor Pieces
2004                USCF Unstable Cash Flow
2003                Trent Lott Says Black is O.K.

2002                Enron’s 401K Plan – No Perpetual Check
2001                Harry Patzer and the Poisoned Pawn
2000                Does Your Peter Leko
1999                Forking Geniuses
1998                Mr. Clinton Your Piece is Hanging
1997                Tickle Me ELO
1996                Hickory, Dickory, Doc, We’re Going to Win a Clock
1994                Two way tie   Searching for Bobby Stitcher   AND   Searching for Bobbit’s Bishop
1993                White Pawns Can’t Jump
1991                My Flag is Falling and I Can’t Get Up
1990                We Don’t Ivanchuk a Pawn
1989                Two Knights, Let it Be Lowenthal
1988                Little Karpov Horrors
1987                You Rook Mahvelous
1986                Baked E Lasker
1985                No Pawn Intended
1984                Tahlstoy’s War and Pieces
1983                Saemisch Usual
1982                Buenas Nochess (Good Knight)
1981                Tarrasch Collectors
1980                No outright winner was listed. Seven teams were noted, thus:  “…innovations and originality over the chess board were matched by names of some of the teams.”
                        Those teams were:
Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars; The Meat Machines; Pochahantis & the Nimzo-Indians; The Pawnographics; Kiss My Rooks; The Vera Mecnchik Brigade; Future Schach
1973 - 1979                No article or report found.