World Amateur Team – Prizes

2016 World Amateur Team                                                                                                         Top Boards

Top 5                                                                                                     Board 1                                                                              

1st Place              Academy for Talented Youth 1                                                                                   

2nd Place             Komodo Dragons                                                                                            

3rd Place             ChessNYC All Stars                                                                                          

4th Place              Wei Yi Played Gave                                                                                        

5th Place              Princeton A                                                                                        

                                                                                                                Board 2                                                                              

Top Rating Prizes                                                                                                             

U2100   New Kids on the Clock                                                                                   

U2000   Cornell B                                                                                             

U1900   MD Sweet 16                                                                                    

U1800   Our Chess Rust – Your Lockjaw                                                                                    Board 3                                                                              

U1700   Ewing C                                                                               

U1600   VW Blocks EPA Checks                                                                                  

U1500   The Board Awakens                                                                                       

U1400   Reluctant Mates                                                                                               Board 4                                                                              

U1300   CKQ Fischer’s Army                                                                                        

U1200   Chessaholics 4                                                                                  

U1000   g1 is My Safe Space                                                                                         Alternates                                                                            


Category Prizes                                                                                                

College Princeton B                                                                                        

High School        Millburn Dragons                                                                                            

Middle School    The Sixers (Masterman)                                                                               

Elementary School           N(Knight)est Knights from Nes                                                                                  

Scholastic 1         Knight b4 Valentine’s Day                                                                                            

Scholastic 2         This Name is Alekhine’s Think                                                                                    

Mixed Doubles  CKQ Lethal Weapons                                                                                     

Seniors Vasser Chadwick A Train                                                                                               

Military No Pawn Left Behind                                                                                     

Company             Knights Who Say Nih                                                                                      

Future  CKQ FOUR AMIGOS                                                                                       

Parent/ Child      Queen’s Flying Knights                                                                                  



CT           Trump Maneuver                                                                                           

DE           The Brandywine Knights                                                                                              

MD         MD Sweet 16                                                                                    

MA         f3 + g4 Rhe Right Wing Agenda                                                                                 

NJ           Lets Make America Mate Again                                                                                 

NY          Academy for Talented Youth 1                                                                                   

PA          Designated Drinkers                                                                                      

VA          Virginia Assassins                                                                                            


Upset Prizes                                                                                                      

Rd 1       1  656 YAN, Sarah, CKQ KRAMNIKERS                843 1499 Wang, Xiaoyong                                                                                

Rd 2       2  934 Adalian, Diran, VW BLOCKS EPA CHECKS      857 1791 Kantey, David                                                                                            

Rd 3       3  829 Hetman, Jacob Jama, KADOOJY              1027 1856 Landel, Derek B                                                                               

Rd 4       4  645 Vekker, Leonard Aa, FIVE AND BELOW        851 1496 Argent, Vincent Ja                                                                                     

Rd 5       5  524 Srinivas, Vivek, CKQ PAWN STORM          1689 2213 Miller, Jake S                                                                                  

Rd 6       6  858 Chen, Hudson C, THE BOARD AWAKENS         602 1460 Shah, Ohm                                                                               


Best Name          Hillary’s Email No Open Files                                                                                      


Best Gimmick     The Knock Out Knights                                                                                  


Top Board Scores                                                                                                            

Board 1 Williams, Justus D, CHESSNYC ALL STARS                                                                                               

Board 2 Benjamin, Joel, KNOCK OUTS RELOADED                                                                                               

Board 3 (All 6-0)                Gordon, Daniel, ROOKIE COOKIES                                                                                            

                Shi, Jason, HELLO MATE!                                                                                              

                Hiltunen, James M, Meet Us At Brooklyn Diner                                                                                  

Board 4 Rade, Dan M, MAN IN THE HIGH 0-0                                                                                        

                Ling, Evan Maxwell, Bb8?? R2D2 WINS EASILY                                                                                    

                Davis Iii, Tyrone, CHESSNYC ALL STARS                                                                                   

                Yu, Sally, PRINCETON B                                                                                 

Alternate             Lu, Jason, WEST ORANGE A